A modern way to support multiple businesses

Freckles PA is a flexible, tech-savvy asset for your business support, providing essential virtual assistant services to Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Business owners to advance their business.

I am an expert on all things, Executive Assistant, and have niched down to reflect this.

Gabby White - Freckles PA Owner

About Me - Gabby White (Owner/Founder)

I have always enjoyed solving business’s admin woes, so becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant was a simple career choice to make.

I have particularly enjoyed helping business owners and entrepreneurs to have a less stressful admin side of their business. It utterly delights me that I can help businesses by them simply outsourcing their tasks to me.

My strengths include having the ability to support and communicate with businesses and plan what tasks they can outsource to me within my scope and requirements.

I love making a difference to Small to Medium Businesses and Entrepreneurs simply by taking over their admin tasks so they can have more time to spend with their families and parts of the business they enjoy.