7 Tips to Cure the Perfectionism You're Feeling

7 Tips to Cure the Perfectionism You're Feeling

1. Establish realistic Goals

What’s the point of establishing goals that are unrealistic? Well, you will be making yourself feel useless and setting yourself up for failure, for what? to compare yourself to others.
 Establishing realistic goals means you will have more of a chance to reach and surpass these goals, you will feel better about your business and you will be upbeat. You will want to keep working on your business and establish more realistic goals that will keep you gaining experience, sales, and leads. 
2.           Look at the big picture

Look at the whole of you and your business and ask yourself some questions.  Is being perfect worth it? Will being perfect help me? If you answer no to these then that is your bigger picture.
3.           Learn to say NO

Start saying NO to new opportunities you know are going to drag you down, overworking yourself is not the answer. Say NO to that client that really wants you to do this extra task. Say NO to the new lead if you cannot produce what they need. Do not overwork yourself with tasks that don't relate to your enjoyment.
4.           Self-Care

Take some time out of your day and book a massage, haircut, or even stay at home and have a spa day. Self-care helps with centering your mind and relaxing so you can take better care of your mind and self.
5.           Schedule breaks

Schedule breaks during your day so you can relax your mind. Take some time to sit outside and enjoy the weather (if it’s sunny of course). Have lunch away from your office so you don't feel like you have to reply to emails. Imagine how much your productivity levels will surge.
6.           Take a holiday

 Take some time to relax in an alternative environment. This will cleanse your mind of being stuck in the same environment and also give you some mind space to plan areas of your business you could enhance on.
7.           Stop comparing yourself to others

I left the hardest to last! I know comparing yourself to others can be very hard to stop. I have even fallen into this trap, but we all need to stop. We are all unique and cannot be compared to each other. There are always going to be people above you and that's fine; its life! 
We need to start comparing ourselves to ourselves. Look at your improvement, look back at your accomplishments, and start appreciating yourself and everything it has taken to get to where you are now.