7 Areas Your Website Needs

Building a website?
Have you ever thought about what you need to have on your website to convert sales?

1. About Page
Use your About Page to describe yourself and your skills to your viewers. It's about you but also don't forget it is also about your viewers. Add a photo of you as it builds trust in your audience!

What makes you different from your competitors?

What do you bring to their business?

Who are your ideal clients?

These questions can help you narrow down your about page to attract your ideal clients.

2. Call To Actions (CTA's)

Every page and Blog Post needs to have at least one CTA. CTA's are a biggy for any Website.
Most of the time, people need to be told what to do. Call me, Book a time to chat, leave a comment... these can all be used on your website.

Think about if you landed on a competitor's website and they didn't tell you what they wanted you to do, would you book a time, call them or would you exit out of the website?

Focus on creating strong CTA's after viewers land on your website to get better engagement with your viewers.

3. Keyword Rich Content

There are many reasons to have plenty of Keyword Rich Content on your website. Google rates websites high that are regularly updated as it builds relationships with your audience.

Your content doesn't need to be long and boring and un-user friendly to rank high with Google. You can insert videos, podcasts, blogs.

As long as the content is hosted on your own website, you are driving traffic back to your website.

As you don't own your own Social Media accounts you should always drive traffic back to your website.

4. Contact Information

This may seem obvious but many times I have been looking at a website and there is no contact information.

As you are building your business and need people to contact you, this information should be front and center on your website.

Make the contact information available on all pages of your website. Your audience should know how to contact you no matter what page they are on.

You don't want to miss out on awesome clients because you haven't made your contact information easily available.

5. Testimonials

As Business Owners we are all building trust with our audience. To help or prepare clients to work with you is as easy as having a page with how you helped all your past clients.

Once they see how you have helped your past client's they will feel more comfortable reaching out to you.

6. Mobile Optimization

As more people are searching the web on their phones it means you need to optimize your website for Mobiles.

Google punishes websites that are not mobile-friendly and you don't want to miss out on organic traffic.

7. Services Page

This is your area to showcase all of your wonderful offerings to your audience. You should have a beautifully designed page.

Some tips on creating a Services Page:

Showcase the Benefits of working with you

Use Testimonials

Share pricing or ranges of pricing

Include a CTA

Explain who you're ideal client is

Your website is an essential part of your business, these 7 tips will be sure to make a great impression on your clients.

In addition, you will also need to make your website visually appealing.We hope this helped you with your website building.