Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides services to clients while operating solely outside of the client's office. A Virtual Assistant typically operates from a home office but can access the necessary documents remotely.

There are a lot of Virtual Assistants out there in the world and in NZ, However, we do not all provide the same services. Many of us have different titles and offer different services.

The term 'Virtual Assistant' is an Umbrella term for our industry, not our titles.

Some of those terms are Bookkeeper, Online Business Manager, Social Media Content Manager, Digital Marketer.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant!


Change your needs? Support changes to suit your lifestyle as your business peaks. You want work to start now, we can start immediately.

All clients values align with ours, we build long and meaningful relationships. We are big on having fun while you work.

Work will be completed and delivered on time, or ahead of time. We will let you know ahead of time if the unexpected happens.

I make mistakes, I will own these and put them right every time. I also make sure my clients are accountable too!

You only pay for the time I spend on your business! I give you the time to work on your business or spend time with the family.

Your Success
If you are successful, we're successful. We will do everything to help you reach your goals.

I review your processes looking for productivity gains through automation, apps, and tools. I turn on the timer when working on your tasks only.

If you want to learn more, contact Gabby to find out how she can help you!